EHS Orientation Quiz

After you've watched the Orientation Video, complete this quiz to finalize your orientation.

To receive a Pass, you must a answer at least 3 of the 5 questions correctly.  If you pass, you will receive an EHS Orientation Confirmation Email and a copy will be automatically forwarded to Arrow Utilities.  If you receive a score less than 3/5, you will have to re-attempt the quiz.  Only passing confirmation emails are automatically forwarded to Arrow Utilities.


Your Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector alarms and you were exposed to 15 parts per million H2S, what should you do?

Which statement is true about cell phone use at Arrow Utilities’s work sites?

Before you start work at the plant site, it is best to look around and locate which of the following:

Who has First Aid Training at the Plant Site?

To phone an outside number from an Arrow Utilities land-line, you must first dial 9, then the phone number.

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