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EHS Orientation Quiz

After you've watched the Orientation Video, complete this quiz to finalize your orientation.

To receive a Pass, you must a answer at least 3 of the 5 questions correctly.  If you pass, you will receive an EHS Orientation Confirmation Email and a copy will be automatically forwarded to Arrow Utilities.  If you receive a score less than 3/5, you will have to re-attempt the quiz.  Only passing confirmation emails are automatically forwarded to Arrow Utilities.


You need to work past the expiry time on your Safe Work Permit. What should you do?

There was a Plant Wide General Alarm and you went to the muster location. You cannot leave muster or go back to work until:

What are the four pieces of minimum PPE you must wear in Arrow Utilities’s Process Areas?

If you are not familiar with a hazardous chemical you may encounter at Arrow Utilities's worksites, what is the best thing you could do to prevent injury or illness?

In Alberta, what are your rights as a worker under Occupational, Health & Safety Legislation?

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