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Capital Projects

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ARROW Utilities is constantly working to identify opportunities to innovate, adapt, and advance its operations to serve its customers. Through capital projects, we make upgrades to existing facilities that ensure their reliability, integrity, and efficient operations.

Spruce Grove Wet Weather Facility Upgrade

The ACRWC will be upgrading the Wet Weather Facility on Century Road in
Parkland County (please refer to map below). The system will be upgraded from a
manually operated system to a system that can be operated remotely. Currently, in
the event of heavy rainfall, an ACRWC operator must go to the site.

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St Albert Pump Station Pumping and Electrical Upgrade

The ACRWC will install two additional pumps with variable frequency drives and
modify the existing electrical system for improved control and monitoring. The goal
of the project is to add redundant pumps to the existing two pumps already in the
station and upgrade the electrical.

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St Albert Regional Trunk Rehabilitation – East of 17th Street

The ACRWC will remove existing wastewater sewer pipe and install approximately
785 meters of new pipe, east of 17th Street NE and directly north of 182 Avenue NW.

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Parkland Gravity Sewer Rehabilitation

The Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission (ACRWC) is rehabilitating the
existing wastewater transmission sewer in its right-of-way located between the
north end of Highway 60/Range Road 263 and our Parkland Pump Station.

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Parkland Pump Station HVAC Upgrade

The Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission (ACRWC) is upgrading the
HVAC systems at the Parkland Pump Station. The project will involve the following:

  • Removal of the existing air systems and associated exhaust heat recovery
    systems currently in use at the station.
  • Installation of a new glycol/water boiler and pumping system that will supply hot water to new air handling systems for the drywell and wet well portions of the building.
  • Upgrade to existing gas service to accommodate the new boiler system and
    existing gas fired equipment.
  • Installation of a new exhaust fan system will be placed on the roof to exhaust
    air from the wet well portion on the building.
  • Construction of a new mezzanine and access stair will be included to house 2
    of the 3 new air handlers.
  • Installation of a new railing system on the perimeter of the existing roof to
    help ensure the safety of maintenance staff while on the roof.

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Southeast Regional Trunk Rehabilitation RR232 and TWP 540

The ACRWC will install approximately 875 meters of new sewer pipe along Range
Road (RR) 232, from the Legend’s Golf Course entrance to Township Road (TWP)
540. This will twin the existing sewer along RR232.

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Gibbons Pump House

The ACRWC will be replacing an existing pump in the Gibbons pump house with a
newer version.

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Train 4 Plant Expansion

The ACRWC is proceeding with expanding the conventional biological nutrient
removal (BNR) Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) with a fourth secondary
treatment train using membrane bioreactor removal (MBR) technology.

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