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Environment Policy

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ARROW Utilities is committed to protecting the environment and public health through the provision of responsible wastewater transmission and treatment services, and strives to exceed regulated standards for wastewater, serving as environmental leaders and enabling community and business growth.

It is ARROW Utilities’ policy to:

  • Protect the environment and prevent pollution by planning our activities and operating our facilities to enhance our environmental performance
  • Identify, fulfil and evaluate our compliance obligations
  • Establish and review our environmental objectives and set guidelines to reduce adverse environmental impact
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of and continually improve our environmental management system (EMS)

The scope of the EMS applies to all processes, all ARROW Utilities infrastructure and facilities, and all departmental personnel and activities that have the potential for environmental impact.

Our Commitment

ARROW Utilities supports the value of environmental stewardship. We demonstrate this value throughout our operation by:

  • Meeting or exceeding regulatory and environmental standards; and,
  • Instituting operational practices that result in an environmentally sustainable facility.

Environmental Stewardship in Action

Keeping our environment safe requires a cooperative effort between our municipal partners, residents, businesses and industry. ARROW Utilities, in partnership with its 13 member municipalities, has introduced a wastewater source control program – an initiative aimed at reducing the amount of contaminants being sent to the ARROW Utilities Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Our mission is to provide safe, reliable, cost-efficient and environmentally responsible wastewater transmission and treatment service.

A source control program manages the discharges into the system at the source, where pollution should and can be prevented. To protect the environment, as well as the operating capabilities of the regional treatment plant, limits have been established concerning what may be put into the sewer system by industry, commercial and institutions (ICIs).

The main objectives of the wastewater source control program are to:

  • Allocate costs fairly;
  • Protect sewer infrastructure from corrosive materials or from materials that can clog the sewer system;
  • Protect wastewater treatment processes and prevent poor-quality discharge into the environment;
  • Eliminate the discharge of toxic, flammable or explosive materials into the wastewater flow; and,
  • Help ICIs reduce their environmental impact.